How It Works

Option A

View our current stock lists, when the vehicles are due to land and where.
Request a viewing.
Purchase the vehicle with rego, warrant and gas certificate or for the full retail price for a fully prepared vehicle.

Option B

You ask us to find a particular production line model in the UK….we find what you are looking for or you find it and ask us to look at it.
You receive a brief report and photos from us.
If you want to go ahead;
You pay us the cost of the vehicle as sold by the vendor and a $3000 agent and uk land transport fee.
The vehicle lands, you view it and pay pre-quoted shipping costs ,gst, duty and remove it.
If you do not like it we are happy to pay you for the original cost when we have sold it at a price which we determine, you are not liable for shipping costs or gst but do lose your fee.