Our Caravans

Welcome to Alexander (Great) British Caravans Ltd, we specialize in selling quality Caravans and Trailers, usually Pre-loved, imported from the UK , direct from trusted dealers there, a selection of their caravans that are currently available at their premises are on this site and you can take delivery within 3 months. We have years of combined trading and knowledge, all preparation work is done in their yard prior to sale or shipping and the quality is superb.

Most of our business is us sourcing products you want, many are sold before they land or very soon after.

Please view our  list of typical caravans we source and sell directly here.

If you know what your budget is and already have your preferred type of caravan in mind we can search quickly, otherwise we can advise and consult.
We save you money by not having a yard full of vans but do have agents who really know their stuff when it comes to sourcing the perfect trailer for you. Our transport agents are also top notch and care greatly about their precious cargo. Special orders are here within 14 weeks.

So if you want a quality caravan with a 3 month warranty at a sensible price contact us today, you`ll be pleased you did!

Take advantage of our personal search service and SAVE a minimum of $3000 (for 2 berth caravan). Contact Us here to find out more.